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A funny thing happened on the way to the nursing home

A different handbook for carers of dementia patients

Jim Connor

A loved one dies. A carer is left behind. What now remains of life? Jim Connor has chosen to give his life over to helping carers come to terms with their predicament. He can do this authentically, because he's been there and has survived.

He continues to liaise with the carers' groups, speaks at forums concerned with dementia, at Alzheimer's conferences and still serves on committees, helping to put together plans to enhance the lives of carers and their patients.

This book has emerged as a result of all these activities, but primarily from Jim's own life experiences. It is given over to all those trying to deal with dementia and similar wretched diseases, in the hope that their lives will become enriched.

If you enjoy a good read, appreciate humour with honesty, are not afraid to weep, are worried about your loved one's behaviour or your role in caring for them, if you are a professional carer who takes the job seriously, or even a GP who seeks more knowledge, then this book is written for you.